Bridal Fair Q+A

Bridal Fair Q+A

January 07, 2019

Hey y'all!

We just went to the Wedding Fair Events Bridal Fair yesterday and it was AWESOME! We met so many amazing brides, grooms, and families and friends of the lucky couples - we even received several HUGS!

We are so incredibly grateful for everyone who stopped by our booth - we cannot thank you enough! We know how overwhelming the event can be and how daunting it is to meet SO many different vendors who seem to all want your business. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I value everyone who comes up to us. It warms my heart even if we don't end up working together for the wedding. I had SO MANY valuable and fun conversations with people.

I even felt like this one was the REALEST that I have ever encountered. Y'all were so generous and full of excitement - that's what keeps me going to events like this. I am not gonna lie - I was nervous about attending, but I ALWAYS have a "contact high" after going to these because you all are SO infectious (in a good way) with your positive energies!

As many of you know, our prices are going up a little bit this year due to taxes, but as a thank you to those of you who took the time to stop by, we are honoring our 2018 price guide this year as long as you let us know that you saw us at the American Bank Center!


A lot of people asked if we are willing to travel, and the answer to that question is ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY! We've traveled to Houston, San Antonio, and other surrounding areas to take photos. We are even going to a wedding in Florida this year and we don't plan on stopping there! I won't ever understand why someone wouldn't travel unless it was for health reasons. It's in my blood to meet new people in other places! 

Something else we were asked is if we can photograph anything else OTHER than weddings and our answer to that is YES! We may not advertise it, but we do and we would love to if you love our style! Anniversaries, family photos, newborns, etc! We just have to work around our wedding + travel schedule to make the magic happen.

Would we take just ONE photo? We can, but we are thinking about creating some mini-sessions until we have our own physical studio space. Mini-sessions are not something that we had intended to do, but we are getting more inquiries for them to suit a lower price point for those of our fans who are dying to take photos but really don't need that many. We have sold images individually before, so if you are curious, please reach out to us for a quote.

We also had a lot of questions asked about what kinds of paintings I (Angela) do. I have been painting for many years, so I can honestly say that it runs the gamut. I do the bridal fairs as a way to give ideas to people who might not otherwise imagine a painting in their lives to immortalize their favorite people or things (even if it is themselves!) We plan on creating a brochure soon about the different kinds of paintings that are most often requested, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Gifts for friends and family
  • Deceased loved ones (there's the popular notion of placing a photo in a chair of a loved one at a wedding, but a painting could be a nice alternative.)
  • Live paintings (painting at the venue while things are happening.)
  • Pets!
  • Family portraits
  • Engagement painting
  • Wedding painting

We were also asked if I can do caricatures, and the answer to that is also YES! I've been drawing in my sketch book to prove it to myself and to my friends - for validation - and I can say that I absolutely can do that, and I've shocked myself.


We love fans of our work, so at every bridal fair we like to let you sign up for a chance to win a little something from us because you enjoy what we do and we want to work with those who enjoy us! We like to select a couple of people because we take photos and paint, and because not EVERYONE who signs up is a bride or a groom. 

Drum roll please.....

We have two winners! They both indicated an interest in photography and painting, so the choice is theirs! 


Alexandria Magallan + Ricardo Zapata (01/11/2020)


Susanna + Joey Perales (08/31/19)

They won a discount off of a painting or a photography service!

We'll be e-mailing you today with details! As far as weddings go, if you do decide to redeem your discount for your wedding especially, we will need to know a date and location as soon as possible to make sure that we would be able to accommodate you. 

To EVERYONE who stopped by, a HUGE thank you, a BIG hug, and lots of luck on your wedding endeavors! We love to help, so if you have any questions, let us know - we'd love to help - no strings attached. We'll be sending an e-mail with a special little something for everyone who stopped by anyway, so if you didn't win this time, stay tuned to your e-mails!


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