I’m officially on Netflix: The American Meme

I’m officially on Netflix: The American Meme

December 21, 2018

I am on Netflix as SuFi Yoda on Myspace in the documentary, The American Meme



Y’all! This is some crazy weird stupid shit to be excited about but I’m ebarrassed to say that I’m super excited that my mug is on The American Meme (22:58) on Netflix! I was painting along on a commission while my husband was watching it, and low and behold, Dane Cook started talking and I decided to pay more attention to him - when I turned my head and saw a BLAST FROM THE FREAKING PAST, MySpace on his top 8 friends list, ME. lol. And my drawing of him of course. We stopped it and rewound it and promptly freaked out and shared it around. I just wish I could’ve saved my Instagram video of the genuine reaction lol. I’m still flipping out but in a weird, weird way. It’s some strange milestone I never knew I kinda wanted??? 


As I posted on Facebook, (the new MySpace, lol) :


This is super crazy, and a little weird, but while my husband and I were watching The American Meme on Netflix, we saw MY MUG! (From way back in the MySpace days!)

If you fast fwd to about min 22, you'll see Dane Cook (one of my favorite comedians) talking (when I decided to stop painting and pay attention), and then you'll hear him talk about MySpace, and then you'll see a close up of my picture, and the drawing I did that changed my life! I am SuFi Yoda (I don't even remember choosing that name.)

After he featured me on his "Top 8 Friends List," (talk about ELATION!) I started getting inquiries from strangers to be my friend, and to get questions about art purchases. (The crazy thing was that I did NOT STAY at the top 8, so I don't know how this screen shot was nabbed - and I just checked after years of not looking - MySpace doesn't look the same.)

Me, as SuFi Yoda on Myspace in Dane Cook's top 8 friends list

At the time, it was right after high school, I was 18 and UBER selfish about my art. It was very therapeutic to me, so I just wanted to make it for myself. Every day was like a contest with myself to see IF I could be better than I was yesterday. I often didn't believe I could improve.

I remember having an "Ah-Ha!" moment one day after I got several messages from people either becoming new fans of MINE (FANS? WHAT?!), or inquiring about my art for purchase (Strangers from the internet want to BUY MY ART?), when I thought to myself, "You know what? I could do this for other people. I don't have to keep it for myself. It would awesome to share it! I keep improving, and each new piece is not the end - I can always just do it again." Before that thought, I was like Gollum, I swear. This drawing was that PRICELESS to me. My mom even got it framed for me.

That epiphany changed the course of my entire life. I used to think if I created something that shocked me (skill-wise), I couldn't do anything better, so I felt compelled to keep it. My husband even wanted to buy the drawing! (Don't worry, I didn't sell it. I still have it and will take a new photo with it.)

The drawing is ALSO very special to me because I drew it in my high school Advertising Design class with Mr. Young, and it was the first class involving art that I had ever taken. I remember him telling me that I "took to that project like a duck to water." and how AMAZING that felt to hear a man I respected tell me that.

At the time, Dane Cook was new to comedy too - I just chose to draw him because of his comedy central cracking up my dad and I all the time to the point of TEARS. I didn't think anyone else knew who he was at school, but all of a sudden, people started writing down jokes of his - if even just the punchlines - on my reference photo. It was an AMAZING communal experience, and it was like Christmas going to work on my drawing every day (for hours, I might add. I drew every day through lunch because it was fun - listening to my teacher's favorite CDs of the Beatles and the Dave Matthews Band.) I thank Dane Cook forever for multiple reasons in my life. This time of my life is SO special to me.

If it wasn't for my husband's fascination with social media, and my love for Dane Cook's comedy, I don't think I would have EVER known that I am in a documentary on Netflix.

I am quite the art nerd. The end. Thanks, Mr. Young.

#SuFiYoda for life.

if you are looking for high school usernames, you’re looking at SuFi Yoda right here. Haha. I still have the drawing so I’ll take an updated photo for y’all soon. 

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