Original Art Merch (aka: Swag) is here!

Original Art Merch (aka: Swag) is here!

October 08, 2018

Boy has it been a LONG time coming! Branded merchandise is here!

I had the dream as a child to design my own clothes, and I'd sketch ridiculous coordinations of clothing when I was 11. I dreamt of clothes showcasing the galaxy, or the Texas flag. Well, jump forward several years (let's not count them) and I've translated that vision into putting my art on merchandise instead of designing from scratch, because - let's face it - who wants to wear a Texas flag outfit? And, someone's already beat me to the galaxy punch.

I am so excited to FINALLY be integrating my fashion desire into our Studios! Expect to see a growing inventory of all sorts of goods in the upcoming months. We will begin to take a select few of the items to artwalks and festivals with us. 

The most popular items so far are our t-shirts and our watches, but we also have wallets and socks! We are looking into adding calendars, notebooks, greeting cards, and puzzles as well!

I'm waiting on my first shipment of merchandise and I can't wait to unveil that for all of you! Feel free to shop around at the link here and in the menu above - it will ship within a few days to your home.

What is your favorite item that you would like to see at the next event that we do? Comment below - we'd love to know!

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