Sweepstake winners to be announced July 1st at 10am!

Sweepstake winners to be announced July 1st at 10am!

June 30, 2018

Update: CLICK HERE to view winners from this sweepstakes!

Hello there!

Our first sweepstakes has ended, but it won't be our last! Thank you SO incredibly much to all of my fans that entered and to all of the friends and family of those fans who came to vote on their favorites <3 This definitely would not have been possible without you!

As a recap, we will be choosing winners in the following categories:

  • Bridal
  • Engagement
  • Wedding Couple
  • Wedding Ceremony (incl. scenery)

Criteria to win:

  • Image must have had 5 votes or more

Influence of chance:

  • If there was only one image in the category, the choice will be made, by default, to the one image submitted.
  • For every 5 votes an image has, we will submit 1 ticket for the chance to win. 

The winners will receive a free 8x10" of the painting as well as the opportunity to purchase the original painting at 50% off of the investment as a huge THANK YOU for participating and for helping us to launch this new venture for weddings!

As a special thank you to EVERYONE who submitted, we will offer 20% off a custom painting! Ask us for the discount code if you weren't chosen for a custom portrait.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, and I cannot WAIT to tell you who the winners are!




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